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Kaya Rucci-Bender, M.S.

Many of us often hear the term "self-love", especially in a society saturated with trendy wellness movements that promise divine intervention. While adopting a healthier lifestyle is always beneficial, it is our connection with our inner self that cultivates genuine change and long-term growth. Kaya specializes in joining clients on their path to self-acceptance and self-awareness by exploring triggers to uncomfortable thoughts and emotions, and assisting clients in learning how to manage the impact of such on one's freedom of choice.

Kaya nurtures a nonjudgmental, therapeutic environment that empowers clients to connect with their healing process. Although everyone has a different story, pain is universal. By rejecting negative self-talk, learning to set boundaries, and saying "No" to unhealthy relationships without guilt, you will be one step closer to acceptance, forgiveness and holistic alignment.

We all deserve to feel balance between the mind, body and spirit. We deserve to find our purpose and thrive in doing so. Remember: You have an innate power and ability to manifest your best life, all you must do is reach out and receive what is rightfully yours!

Professional Experience

Kaya’s approach to therapy is psychodynamic and emphasizes the interaction between forces that drive motivation and those that hinder emotional freedom. While working with Kaya, you will have the opportunity to explore the source of any thought patterns and behaviors obstructing your ability to build healthy relationships. Past experiences work to shape our perspective from a young age, and the quality of those experiences transcend into adulthood; ultimately affecting our potential to adapt and succeed. While your past affects the individual you are today, it does not determine the individual you will grow to become. With a holistic perspective in-mind, Kaya will guide you in manifesting positive change and commending inner confidence to expose a higher psychological flow.

Kaya earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Canisius College and pursued her passion for mental health by expanding her education at Medaille College, where she earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her experience working in a variety of clinical settings strengthened her competence in trauma-informed care, clinical assessment, and the use of evidence-based theories. Kaya considers a strong therapeutic bond of utmost importance and works with a model of mutual-trust and mutual-respect. Her experience in the field compliments an integrative approach that will help you gain insight into the mind-body connections that underly human behavior.

Kaya’s Services:
-Individual counseling
-Mindfulness Hike Retreats (summer)
-Free 30-minute initial consultation

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